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Church tower at night, Roscoff, Brittany; 13-09-14

Light patterns reflected on sea water, Roscoff, Brittany; 13-09-14

Tidal water swirling over rocks, Roscoff, Brittany; 13-09-14

Fishing boats at night: Roscoff, Brittany; 11-09-14

Roscoff, Brittany – buildings at night; 11-09-14

Moonlight over the sea, Roscoff, Brittany; 11-09-14

Roscoff at night; 11-09-14

Harbour lights and reflections, Roscoff, Brittany; 11-09-14

Roscoff , Brittany, after sunset; 10-09-14

Moon over Cornwall; 12-08-14