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Looking towards the lighthouse, The Lizard, Cornwall; 02-08-14


Young bovine – The Lizard, Cornwall; 02-08-14

Inquisitive young cattle, The Lizard, Cornwall; 02-08-14

Fascinating cloud patterns above The Lizard, Cornwall; 08-06-14

Hottentot Figs on the cliffs at The Lizard, Cornwall; 08-06-14

Buttercup with insect, The Lizard, Cornwall; 08-06-14

Bluebells and Whitebells, The Lizard, Cornwall; 12-04-14

Seagulls following the plough, The Lizard, Cornwall; 12-04-14

Signs of Spring, The Lizard, Cornwall; 12-04-14

Coastal thistle, The Lizard, Cornwall; 07-07-13