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Sunset – Great Hale fen, Lincolnshire; 22-08-14

Lincolnshire sunset, Great Hale Fen; 22-08-14

Last of the sequence – evening sky, Camborne, Cornwall; 27-07-14

People and dogs enjoying the sea, Long Rock, Cornwall; 19-07-14

New moon and silhouetted mountains, Neustift, Austria; 01-07-14

Trees silhouetted in the clouds, Pinnistal Valley, Austria; 29-06-14

Evening sky, Camborne, Cornwall; 06-07-13

Pastoral Somerset with sheep and lambs; March 2014

Tree silhouettes, Dewlish, Dorset; 30-12-13

Sunset afterglow, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall; 08-12-13