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My final Roscoff sunrise for this year: Brittany; 14-09-14

Tidal water swirling over rocks, Roscoff, Brittany; 13-09-14

Dawn sky, Roscoff, Brittany; 13-09-14

Texture of leaves, Morlaix, brittany; 12-09-14

Moonlight over the sea, Roscoff, Brittany; 11-09-14

Colour on the cliff top, Cap de la Chevre, Brittany; 11-09-14

Wild life, Huelgoat, Brittany; 10-09-14

Granite rocks and trees, Huelgoat, Brittany; 10-09-14

Seagulls at sunrise, Roscoff, Brittany; 10-09-14

Sunset – Great Hale fen, Lincolnshire; 22-08-14