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Classic Citroen DS and fishing boat, Roscoff, Brittany; 10-09-14

Fishing boat MX 690916 in Roscoff harbour, brittany; 18-09-13

MX 267461; beached fishing boat, Ile de Batz, Brittany; 10-08-08

Coaster and fishing boat off Roscoff, Brittany; 16-08-09

Fishing boat PL798799, Roscoff harbour, Brittany; 09-07

SS679, an old fishing boat at low tide in St. Ives harbour, Cornwall; July 2008

Bringing home the catch – fishing boat returning to Audierne, Brittany; 04-07-12

AD 279030 – detail of fishing boat hull, Douarnenez, Brittany; 04-07-12

Detail of fishing boat MX 905647, Roscoff, Brittany, 03-07-12

Steveston, British Colombia, Canada; May 2009