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LMS 2-8-0, 8274, at Winchcombe Station, G & W R; 23-08-14

Newly restored steam locomotive 4270 at Toddington G & W R; 23-08-14

One of the newest diesel locomotives in the U.K; 68004 “Rapid” at Doncaster; 21-08-14

92214 passing the signals at Rothley station, Great Central Railway; 16-08-14

Collecting the single line token. D123 at Rothley, Leicestershire. G.C.R., 16-08-14

Last of the evening light through conservatory window – Great Hale Fen, Lincs., 22-08-14

Sunset – Great Hale fen, Lincolnshire; 22-08-14

Lincolnshire sunset, Great Hale Fen; 22-08-14

Swallow at rest – Great Hale Fen, Lincolnshire; 23-08-14

Swallow in flight above Great Hale Fen, Lincolnshire; 22-08-14