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Polished ploughshares, Great Hale Fen, Lincolnshire; 17-08-14


New moon and silhouetted mountains, Neustift, Austria; 01-07-14

Evening view towards the Stubai Glacier, Austria; 01-07-14

Evening light catching the mountain peaks, Neustift im Stubai, Austria; 01-07-14

Last look down the Stubai Valley, Austria; 01-07-14

Looking towards the mountains beyond Innsbruck – Meiders, Austria; 01-07-14

Grawa waterfall, Stubai Valley, Austria; 01-07-14

Mountains, clouds and snow, Eisgrat – Austrian Tirol; 01-07-14

View from Eisgrat (2900m) looking down the Stubai Valley; 01-07-14

Detail in the waterfall at Mutterberg, Austria; 01-07-14