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Buttercup with insect, The Lizard, Cornwall; 08-06-14


Pollination time, The Lizard, Cornwall; 08-06-14

Belted Galloway cow and calf, Rosemergey, Cornwall; 05-06-14

Belted Galloway calves, Rosemergey, Cornwall; 03-06-14

Violet in close up, Hells Mouth, Cornwall; 17-05-14

Emerging caterpillars, Hells Mouth, Cornwall; 17-05-14

Looking towards St. Agnes Beacon, Cornwall; 17-05-14

Navax Point and thrift, Cornwall; 17-05-14. Easy to forget natural beauty so close to home sometimes.

Buttercup pollination, Camborne, Cornwall; 17-05-14

Hedgerow plant detail. Camborne; 17-05-14