Hello world!

I have been taking photographs for about forty years, with no formal training. I changed from conventional photography, having amassed a collection of some 60,000 slides, to digital some five years ago and only recently set up this blog, with considerable help from someone who understands these things far better than I do. (Thanks Gavin) I rarely travel far without a camera and take images of all sorts of things. I do not use photoshop, or any other means of altering the images that I take, apart from sometimes cropping the odd image. Most of the images displayed here were taken with either a Canon EOS 400 D, or an EOS 550 D.

I tend to take a lot of photographs of steam locomotives, seascapes, landscapes, ships, old industrial buildings, flowers and a host of other things. I tend to photograph what catches my eye, and rarely, if ever, spend hours and hours waiting for an elusive picture. I occasionally use a polarising filter to enhance cloud effects, but apart from that, my photographs are a true representation of the things that I observe. I like to believe the old adage that “the camera never lies”.

II have more recently purchased a Canon EOS 650 D which performs rather better than its predecessors. The EOS 400 D has found a new home in Devon and is used quite frequently to photograph cars, something that it was rarely used for during the time that I owned it. The funds from the sale of that camera enabled me to purchase an Epson slide scanner that has yet to be tested fully. The prospect of scanning the best of the slides taken between 1972 and 1997 is daunting in the extreme. maybe this is a task that should be saved until retirement from full time work. Last year whilst crossing the Atlantic on the wonderful Queen Mary 2, I purchased a canon Powershot camera. This is extremely handy for carrying in my pocket, and has proved its worth on many occasions since. It is much less cumbersome to carry around compared to any digital SLR. This was very noticeable recently when I resumed walking the path around the Cornish coastline on a particularly hot day. It will not replace any digital SLR, but has proved to be very useful when it has been used instead of a full sized camera. The results obtained from this camera have been very encouraging.